Why should you request a hard dollar proposal from your Remodeling Contractor?

You should always have a hard dollar proposal for any remodeling project. A hard dollar proposal allows you as the buyer to set an appropriate budget and then to plan accordingly. Whether undertaking quick bathroom makeover, a kitchen remodel, or a full-on room addition, a “Hard Dollar Proposal” from H&R Construction will make sure that your money goes into your project and not into your contractor’s remodeling education.

Here are 3 examples of why an H&R “Hard Dollar Proposal” is important to you:

Make the Best Decisions

Make the Best Decisions

You can make the best decisions about the finishes you want for your project. Let’s say that your dream kitchen really would benefit from selecting a more expensive “Level D” Quartz countertop. You know the price is going to be high for that type of look and quality; but with a hard dollar proposal, you can have confidence that your dream kitchen will only cost more if you decide it needs to. You don’t have to lay awake at night after you have agreed to a $1,500 enhancement wondering if the entire project is going to be way over budget.

Hard Dollar Proposal = Best Decisions WITH Peace of Mind

Know Your Financial Commitment

You can properly account for your saving or financing plan knowing the numbers are set.

With a “Hard Dollar Proposal” from H&R, you will know what it takes to make your dream a reality. Whether you are saving for that dream, or looking to finance a portion of it, you can count on H&R to provide you with the numbers that insures you have the money in place to finish your remodeling project.

Your Dream Spelled out in Ink

You have the details of what you are going to contract on in writing.

With H&R, you will be taking the “It should cost about $14,000” or the “I think it will be somewhere between $23,000 and $28,000OUT of your decision making process. Your remodeling project is spelled out with details you can count on.

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