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H&R Construction and its exterior division have been in the replacement window business for over 25 years. It is our experience that anytime you have a hole in the side of your house; no matter what window you choose to put in that hole, it will only perform as good as the person who installs it. When you want to address the holes in your house, call the best, and you will receive a quality window with a superior installation that is backed with experience.

Are you looking for the best of the best: Andersen “A” Series or the Pella “Designer” Series?

When you want a 20 ft 4-Panel folding glass door; please don’t have your brother’s friend try to install. Call a professional that Andersen and Pella recommend to do the job right.

No window replacement job is too small to be done right.

Simply looking to replace 2 rotted windows with a solid low cost vinyl window you can trust? Call us today at (816) 229-4853 and we’ll get started on improving your view.

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